We are pleased to invite you to the International Conference on ‘Leading to Learn’ and the launch of the new OECD learning leadership report. The Jaume Bofill Foundation and the OECD Innovative Learning Environments (ILE) project have organised this work and conference together with the support of Ministry of Education, Catalan Government. It will be held at CaixaForum in Barcelona on 4 and 5 December 2013 and will bring together education experts, leaders, foundations and innovators from schools and higher education, and educational policymakers from around the world, as well as from Catalonia.

The OECD “Innovative Learning Environments” project has proved to be influential internationally involving many education systems, starting with fundamentals about the nature of learning through to strategies for innovating in schools and systems. Leadership understood as “learning leadership” is so important because it sets direction for learning within increasingly complex organisations, and is about seeing that through into design and strategy. It is about putting 21st century learning aims and outcomes into practice.

The following questions emerge from dialogue between research and practice:

Why do we need to focus on learning leadership provide? What does it mean?

How to put learning at the heart of schools, learning environments and the agenda of all leaders in education?

What is the role of leadership in innovation and change?

How to facilitate and promote ‘student “voice” and leadership’?

How to spread leadership in order to create innovative learning enviroments, incorporating teams of teachers, learners, families and communities together with senior managers?

How to make leadership more powerful by creating networks of innovation and high quality learning?

How to recognise the role and potential of a range of important partners such as higher education, foundations, government and civil society to help drive learning change?

We have an exciting conference programme that combines keynote lectures, plenary sessions, parallel mini-conferences and workshops, round tables and master classes. You can join in person or via streaming. Registration is available now. Places are limited.

The aims of the conference are to:

  • Discuss and disseminate the main directions and findings of the new international report on learning leadership
  • Elaborate the challenges of developing learning leadership through different perspectives – different countries and cultures, different positions in education systems, different organisations
  • Clarify dimensions of learning leadership for designing, implementing and sustaining innovative learning environments that have been relatively unexplored in national and international discussions
  • Identify priorities for future research and development.
  • Presentation of a set of educational practices in learning leadership in Catalonia and other countries
  • Discussion of the role of the third sector as promoter of learning leadership in different environments.
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Organized by Fundació Jaume Bofill Organized by OCDE

With the institutional support of

Generalitat de Catalunya

With the collaboration of

Obra Social La Caixa

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